Hi! May name is Peter Tretyakov, I’m an iOS Developer passionate about Metal and SwiftUI. Currently I work at Prisma Labs on Lensa Photo & Video Editor and maintain several personal iOS apps. Before that I worked in different software companies on plenty of iOS applications, was a member of program committee at Mobius conference and before software development I spent 10 years as journalist in different lifestyle and business media. Here you can find my story of shifting from journalism to mobile development (in Russian).

I personally feel a huge lack of information about Metal on the web, that’s why I started this blog where I try to highlight different aspects of Metal development, sometimes write about SwiftUI and give a lot of links to other blogs and books which can help you become more proficient Metal developer.

If you have any questions about Metal, iOS or want to suggest something about this blog feel free to contact me via email at or follow me on Twitter