Hi everyone! My name is Peter Tretyakov, I’m an iOS Developer passionate about Metal and SwiftUI.

7 years ago I started my journey as an iOS developer and have been constantly evolving in this direction, reaching the point of working with GPU image processing on Metal over the last three years. My career spans working in teams of up to 14 developers, where I not only actively participated in problem-solving but also contributed to improving product quality through code reviews and developing architectural solutions. In my portfolio there are plenty of apps in App Store where I contributed on all levels. From responsive UI up to high-performance engines for image processing on Metal and the creation of macOS editors using SwiftUI. I created a drawing app using Metal rendering for iPad and Apple Pencil, and three more personal apps, one of which has 15K DAU.

Former member of Mobius Conference program committee. It is one of the most popular mobile conference in Russia.

Portfolio of projects I created or contributed to: Dither, Lensa, Wand (iPadOS), Koshelek, Leem, Mahjong Challenge, Iuliia (Swift Package, Open Source), MT Dictionary, Appetise (iOS/Android/Ruby on Rails).

I personally feel a huge lack of information about Metal on the web, that’s why I started this blog where I try to highlight different aspects of Metal development, sometimes write about SwiftUI and give a lot of links to other blogs and books which can help you become more proficient Metal developer.

If you have any questions about Metal, iOS or want to suggest something about this blog feel free to contact me via email at or follow me on Twitter!

For job related contacts here is my CV, or lets connect on LinkedIn.